You may have heard that smooth skin isn't just for girls anymore a€" a growing number of guys are going to waxing salons for face waxes, chest waxes or even arm and leg waxing. Some men are even going for smooth scrotums, also known as a Boyzilian or Manzilian. What are your thoughts on manscaping?

If you don't have an immediate answer, it's OK to go with "perhaps." If you do, go for a little adventure. That's more manly than wallowing in indecision about your forest. You could even call going hairless a bucket list entry. The gals will go crazy.

We can begin with the most basic wax: the eyebrow wax. It was long the domain of feminine beauty salons, but this eyebrow waxing is now common for guys. Well-shaped and trimmed eyebrows can enhance your natural features and bone structure, and the waxed look is the new charming.

Then, consider the ear or nose wax. As guys get older, body hair becomes thicker and feels more dense a€" not so much for the manes, though. When it's coming out of your ears and nostrils, you might look a little barbaric. Or homeless. Get your unwanted face hair into place with nose or ear waxing, or resort to the trimmers and tweezers. Get a lasting, smooth look, try the wax off, wax on approach.

Know, this, though: don't try it on the rest of your face, jaw and jowls! This man hair is usually too thick and coarse - the hairs are too dense. Don't try for the skinned kitty look. Rather, keep to regular shaving or indulge in a straight-razor shave from your barber or salon of choice. Often, waxing salons for men do straight-razor shaves.

Hair isn't just hair anymore. Now, how you remove the hair and where are more relevant, or so say the top waxers and aestheticians at brazilian waxing salon west valley, ut.

Now, let's head south for a few minutes. To find the hottest examples, head to So. Cal. Leading men do things like waxing the hip flexors to appear slimmer while leaving tummy hair to make washboard abs stand out (or seem to stand out). To show off the best muscles, the movie stars wax the whole package. And here's a word of advice a€" with all the mess down there gone, you can see an extra visual inch.

Waxing's really not that bad. Going all bare with no body hair might just be the bucket list item that you'll want to go for again and again.